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What's gorgunia?

Expressing ourselves bringing to light our uniqueness always scares us. That’s why, Gorgunia was my secret dream. Not a simple dream, but a peace of heart that was missing. A sense of incompleteness that led me to wonder:

“Why I can’t realize my dream?”

I needed to find the strength within myself to do it, the courage to express who I am through what I do and what I love.

I faced my self-doubts, including my fear of failure and of what others might think. I listened only to people I have feelings for and I learned to isolate negative vibes.

Finally I found a solution: I understood that with all those mental blocks, Gorgunia will never burn, that it won't never shine. I understood that Gorgunia could burn only if I’ll be able to express myself and my uniqueness.

I started doing it giving rise to my art, the art of making abstract ideas, something concrete. And step by step I did it! And I could do it only when I learned to express myself bringing to light my uniqueness.

Gorgunia brought me a new perspective. Even if it’s only the start, it taught me all that things allowing me to realize my greatest dream.

“Gorgunia represents the inner personality of everyone, our uniqueness.”



Every jewel is handmade and unique, it have no copies. Every jewel expresses what we are deep down.

Just overcome the fear of expressing yourself and wear the jewel you really are!

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