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Don't be scared to express yourself

Choose the jewel that talks about you!

why gorgunia?

A jewerly that expresses your essence

Gorgunia represents the inner personalyity of each of us, our being to be unique.

Each jewel is handmade and is unique, has no copy of him. Every jewel expresses what we are deep. Take away the fear of exposing yourself  and wear the jewel that you truly are.




The Idea

This jewel is a tribute to Nature.

The ring wants to represent with its lines, very simple and clean lines, the beauty and at the same time the simplicity with which nature manifests itself and relates to us.


The technique used to make this jewel is the technique of "Cera Persa". This process in the field of jewelry is very practiced.

Before melting, a mould is created inside which, during melting, the hot metal is poured, which melts the wax and fills the empty space. Once cooled  the metal and cleaned by the mold we got our jewel.


Did you see my last collections?

This collection is dedicated to every women. It aim at women who want to shine and those who want to make their beauty even more unique with a daring and gritty jewel from that collection.

This collection is inspired by snow. I tried to recreate  the sweet moments that it conveys when it falls gracefully on the street. We are all enchanted by the beauty of a snowy landscape.  The quiet and whiteness attract us because of the soft shape of silver, its brilliance and the moonstone, used to embellish some jewels of this collection.

This collection is inspired by nodes, more specifically, by one of the meanings they contain: LOVE. Jewels were  intertwined to form  so-called "Nodes of love" that reminiscent of the  "infinity sign":  a simple shape with  a complex meaning. 

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